Meet Arash Akmal, Pharm.D Doctor of Pharmacy from The University of Southern California ( USC )
Written by editor   

Despite his youth, Dr. Arash Akmal has a dedication to both the field of the pharmaceuticals and the Persian community that is commendable and impressive. This month Jaam-va-Jaan magazine would like to acknowledge Dr. Arash Akmal and his extensive work to reach out to the Iranian community.  

At the age of seven, Dr. Arash Akmal’s along with his family made the painful decision to leave his native country Iran which was under the unpredictable cloud of war and strict government sanctions to have the opportunity of a better education. He completed his first years of study in France where he earned his French Baccalaureate diploma. He then moved to the United States of America in order to continue his studies in the field of Biology and earned his Bachelor’s of Science from the University of California, Irvine (UCI). During his undergraduate years Dr. Akmal was Awarded Leadership Scholarship for three consecutive years and earned the most prestigious scholarship (University of California, Irvine Regent’s Scholarship).

Hidden Sexual Abuse Trauma In Iran (part 1)
Written by Sahar Teimoori, LCSW & Psy.D.   
Growing up in a society and culture where the discussion of sex taboo is extremely difficult. The Iranian culture ignores proper sex education for children and in most cases the children are kept in the dark until they become sexually active themselves.

The lack of formal sexual education is not made up for by a conversation with parents, as it often is the western world. This lack of openness, and discomfort makes sexual abuse a taboo subject as well. Children who have been abused often find that they do not know where to turn or who to talk to.

The hidden trauma stays hidden until the abused gets a chance to abuse another or when their sexual abuse as a child is manifested into psychological problems in their adulthood. Furthermore, the sexual abuse in children has lifelong physical, emotional, and developmental effects on the abused children in a culture where children’s rights are neglected and marginalized.
Ending Violence against Women is Defending Human Rights and Dignity
Written by by Elahe Amani | Women’s rights activist   
 “I was excited to come to US, but since my arrival I have not had one happy day. He needed a servant and a nanny for his kids. For everything, I had to ask for his permission. He beat me frequently (not in front of the kids) and he said bad words to me that crashed my self-esteem and self-respect. But, I think hitting is better than the words that mutilated my soul. Bruises will disappear but his words keep echoing in my minds, in my ears and even up to this day drive me crazy. He threatened to “ship” me back and revoke his application for my green card. How can I go back? In my community the woman is the one who always being blamed...”
Shoes & Two Philanthropic Girls
Written by Editor   

Would you be willing to spend only one day without shoes when you walk out your door to do daily work?  Every day, in our modern world, more than 300 million poverty-stricken children and adolescents walk barefoot on rocks, mud and sand because they don’t have shoes.  

Furthermore, many of these children or adolescents develop infections or ambulatory disorders as a result.  Founded nine years ago, the non-profit organization “Soles4Souls” has been working to fight this global difficulty.  Since 2005, this organization has gathered more than 13 million pairs of shoes for the needy through the help of philanthropic individuals.  The organization is proud of the fact that at an average rate of every seven seconds, it is able to provide shoes to a needy person somewhere around the world.  Now, the organization’s goal for the year of 2011 has been set at the gathering of 11 million shoes, towards which several million have already been collected. 



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